BOT Knee Brace XStretch

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Knee pain may be caused by inflammation. For example, if you have arthritis in the knee, then the pain is often caused by inflammation to the surrounding knee capsule; the damaged cartilage itself does not have any nerve supply. The only way to regenerate knee cartilage is by exercise, which is facilitated if the inflammation and pain subside.

The basic knee brace is very convenient and easy to wear. This model is appreciated by older people and is perfect for wearing during the night or under slim fitting trousers, for example jodhpurs. The brace is held in place by an elasticised ring fitted into the upper edge. The elasticised ring doesn't take to being stretched. When you put on the brace over your knee, please avoid pulling up the brace by the ring. Rather you should pull up the knee brace by grasping the lower end of the brace.