Flair Nasal Strips Black (1)

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Developed by veterinarians, FLAIR Strips are drug-free, self-adhesive nasal strips that promote optimum health of equine athletes, in all disciplines and every level of competition.

BREATH EASIER– -The spring-like action in FLAIR Strips supports the soft tissues over the nasal passages to reduce the tissue collapse that occurs in all horses during exercise.

REDUCE FATIGUE - Horses don’t tire as quickly so there’s more energy available for tomorrow.

CONSERVE ENERGY - Horses wearing have been shown to use 5-7% less energy during intensive exercise.

RECOVER FASTER - Horses cool out more quickly after intensive exercise.

PROTECT FROM EIPH (LUNG BLEEDING) - FLAIR Strips reduce exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) during intensive exercise.