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?Active soap is a special soap for dermatologic use both on human and animals (horses, dogs, cats …). It is a concentration of several ancestral know-how’s. Both its traditional handcrafting technique and the mixture of vegetable ingredients have been inherited from the best “Marseille tradition” transmitted by a traditional soap maker in the South of France. We’ve added to it the well-known virtues of the Alep soap.
Active Soap is designed to soothe skin irritations. Although advised for daily use, it is often recommended by dermatologists in case of eczema and psoriasis, as well as for people with allergies, as it contains no allergens, colorants or chemical additives. More economical than a traditional soap, it can last almost twice as long. Veterinarians have found that its use in horses helps treat itching mane, tail and skin and also relieves insect bites and other parasites. Highly concentrated, equivalent to one litre of liquid soap, it allows washing five entire horses.
In dogs and cats it protects, strengthens and lusters their coat, facilitates detangling, and gives it a healthy, soft and shiny look.
It ensures a perfect hygiene of the skin and ensures its smoothness, flexibility and elasticity.
Active Soap is an ecological product, natural and biodegradable. Unlike industrial soaps, it doesn’t pollute the environment.
It can be used on a daily basis.

Made in Canada – 100% natural ingredients – exclusively made of vegetal oils (no animal fat)