Prestige X-Perience D 17/33

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The tree is entirely new with original geometries and is the result of a in-depth study of equine conformation combined with research into human anatomy. Naturally, it would not be complete without X-TECHNOLOGY which employs 2 membranes, now enlarged in the area of the rider’s ischia. By contrast, the front part includes a “relief” aperture filled with additional stuffing, meaning greater comfort for the horse. As a result of the new tree the seat is extraordinarily comfortable. The base at the rear of the seat is appreciably broader as compared with traditional saddles, the two membranes cushion impacts and enhance the comfort of the rider. The supporting base of the panels, along their entire length, is appreciably broader, meaning the weight of the rider is more evenly distributed. The panels are also extraordinarily thin. The panels are integrated with the underflaps to give improved “close contact”. They also feature X-TECHNOLOGY – a honeycomb elastic membrane and a layer of soft rubber instead of the traditional felt. The stuffing is in long Dacron fibre. Seat sizes fit like: 16,5” - 17,5” - 18,5”. Leather options: - New printed leather called SUPER, naturally tanned, 4.5mm thick, ultra-soft to ensure excellent grip. - Completely lined in oiled calfskin for better grip (version “D”). - Completely lined in LUX leather. Leather of this variety has undergone natural tanning processes, and is distinguished by a suppleness normally associated with calfskin while having the resilience of leather. Tobacco