Quic Silver Shampoo 64oz

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Quic Silver® Shampoo, the legendary formula that continues to intensify and whiten with unrivalled performance.
Intensifies natural appearance of coat color intensifying and enhancing shine while whitening and brightening coats.
Optical effects intensify white for diamond-like sparkle. Quic Silver® optically alters the way light interacts with each hair shaft creating incredible platinum highlights with bold snow-white results.
Show-stopping platinum highlights for light horses. Brings out silvery hightlights in gray and albino coats as well as golden highlights in palomino and gray coats.
Used consistently, the optical effects will intensify with each use.
Excellent stain remover with no harsh chemicals or bleaches.
For coats that are equal parts white and color, Quic Silver® is color safe and helps enhance the overall brightening effect.