Stall Mats 4x6

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Comfort and traction are very important elements in your equine stable. A horse must feel comfortable in their own stall, since that is where they live. These rubber stall mats help make a horse feel right at home. They also control urine with their non-absorbent surface. These stall mats have been specifically engineered for the equine industry.
Features: 100% Recycled Rubber, Non-absorbent non skid Surface, - Nowhere for Urine to Pool, Slip Resistant, Even when Wet, Ultra-durable and Long Lasting, and Backed by a 10 Year Limited Mfg. Warranty

Installation: Clean stall thoroughly. Make sure it is as level as possible. This will ensure that the mats will lie flat and make for easy cleaning. Measure the stall and decide on the best fitting pattern for the stall, that require the less cutting. Bring the mats in the stall one at a time. Measure the uncovered area and use some chalk to write on the stall mats. Cut to fit with a sharp utility knife.
Dimensions: 4' x 6' x 3/4"
Material: 100% Recycled Vulcanized Rubber
Surface: Non-Skid Textured
Weight: 105 lbs. per mat