Tech Stirrups Hunter

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The Tech Stirrups “Diana” for hunting was born from the union of elegance and comfort.

After repeated tests, carried out both on the weight and on the conformation, the Tech Stirrups turned out to be extremely comfortable even when driving on long stretches.

In addition, for the least possible harm to the horse and to avoid to damage the tack, the front of the benches is rounded and all the edges on the stirrups are rounded off. The Tech Stirrups grip has the feature to avoid the accumulation of mud and of beeing particuray effective even when wet.

The aesthetic of the Tech Stirrups has been treated with attention to the smallest details, for the “Diana” model the ring is extremely formal; without any writings, to allow the rider to personalize the stirrups as he likes; and it is available in classic colors that highlight its sophistication.

All the milling are made with CNC machines programmed in high-speed with CAD- CAM in order to obtain fine finishes; even the screws are recessed in order not to protrude. The Tech Stirrups are made with certified materials and packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes.